The Party Box

Mobile Catering based in Perth, Scotland

The Party Box is a beautifully converted horse trailer ready to add extra charm to your function. We can offer food and drink in a variety of ways, from simple teas and coffees with snacks to hot food with buffet options. It is a catering unit with endless options for food, sweets, snacks, drinks, soups, hot food and much more. Check out some of our package ideas but to be honest, the options are pretty much endless. Get in touch to discuss your choices and let us match your event theme too!

What we do:

And the benefits for you;

Gone are the days when mobile catering was a bit of a gamble! The Party Box is here to cater for your every event, we bring high sweet-bannerquality meals, snacks, nibbles and drinks to you from our beautiful mobile kitchen.The options here are literally endless in terms of what we can provide.

  • Nibbles and canapes
  • Bar snacks like Hot Dogs, Pulled Pork and more
  • Hot and cold drinks
  • Sweets bags and treats for the kids
  • Full meals of soups, stovies, chilli, stews, hearty and wholesome catering
  • Mobile bbq to go along side the Party Box

Don”t worry if you need something a little more refined then this is still the option for you. We have limits of course but just because we cater outdoors doesn”t mean that our professional chefs can”t whip up something with a little…. je ne sais quoi!Rather than providing an endless list of what we can offer in a one size fits all we prefer to just say “tell us what you would love and we will make it happen.”

Packages we offer:

Packages to suit all your requirements


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